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How to Get Around?

Public Transportation

Public Transport in Vienna is efficient, good value for money, clean and safe. The Viennese public transport network offers modern and efficient accessibility within the whole city. In 2010 Vienna's public transport sytem was ranked 3rd after Munich and Helsinki in a Europe-wide test in metropolises. The conference fee includes a rover ticket, valid during all conference days for all participants. The tickets will be issued at the registration desk, so make sure to purchase valid tickets for all prior rides.

You can reach BOKU with Tram 41 (Station Türkenschanzplatz), and the buses 10A, 37A, and 40A (Station Dänenstraße).


Additionally a shuttle service from the airport to the conference hotels will be available on Sunday & Monday as well as a retour on Saturday. These have to be booked separately. For further details please refer to the registration form.

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