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Excursion LIFE-Sterlet

The project LIFE- sterlet combines ex-situ & in-situ conservation of sterlet stocks in the Upper Danube Region. A hatchery container has been established in Vienna, providing the possibility to incubate and rear juveniles for restocking in Danube water under semi-natural conditions. The hatchery station is also equipped with a public fish tank and several information boards.

The half- day tour will take place on four occasions (à 50 seats each), including bus transfer from BOKU to the site and back. It includes a guided visit to the station with the tours on Sunday and Saturday also including a drive to the National Park Donauauen and a subsequent release of juvenile sterlets. The excursion is free of charge and funded with the contribution of the LIFE-Programme of the European Union.

Excursion Large Scale River Restoration

Restoration projects of large river areas face many challenges, as many different ecological and socio-economic aspects have to be taken into account. Several habitat restoration projects in the Wachau valley and a tributary to the Danube, the Traisen river, being one of the largest river restoration projects in Europe, are to be visited in this full day excursion.
The full day excursion will be offered two times, on Sunday Sept. 10th and Saturday Sept. 16th and includes the bus (50 seats each) and lunch. Cost will be 40 €.

Excursion Aquaculture Vodnany

This excursion visits the Faculty of Fisheries and the Protection of Waters of the University of South Bohemia. The Faculty combines experimental fish culture facilities and genetic aspects in the aquaculture production of sturgeons. With ten different Eurasian and American sturgeon species in their facility all species produced in Europe can be encountered in one place.

The tour takes place on Saturday Sept. 16th with 50 seats available. The excursion includes the bus from and back to Vienna as well as lunch and the tasty Czech beer in Vodňany. The cost is 50 € for this tour.

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