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Trade Show

The trade show will take place at the ISS8 venue in close association with the thematic focus of the presentations. The trade show and the coffee breaks will share the floors with the lecture halls to allow easy access and intensive exposition to the participants.
Detailed specifications for the trade show and venue layout will be made available on this site within the next weeks.
As a participant, you will be provided with the following:

  • One ISS8 registration
  • Exhibitor space (including walls, desks, seats) at the venue for the duration of the conference. Extras can be specified and will be charged for by effort required.
  • additional storage space for your materials.
  • free WiFi and power supply.
  • on-site assistance during the conference.

The booth will be set up prior to your arrival. Additional equipment and services may be provided upon request.

To inquire for the trade show please click here.

Please also check the different sponsorship options with possible rebates on trade show participation.

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